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Bringing Forth LPG Gas Saver, Fuel Saver, Kitchen Appliances, And More Allied, With Features Of Easy Installation, Safe Working And Good Energy Saving Efficiency.

Product Showcase

SVI Gas Saver Applications

Soaps & Detergents, Cooking, Water Heating, Automobile and Auto Ancillary, Ceramics, Chemicals, Paints & Dyes, Ferrous & Non-Ferrous Metals, Food & Beverages, Laundry, Air Conditioning, Incineration, Surface Coatings, Agriculture, Dairy, Pharmaceutical, Plastics, Printing, Engineering & Fabrication, Glass, Paper & Packaging, Textile Many More Industries.

SVI Client List

  • Alicon Castalloy Limited - Pune
  • Bonn Nutrients Pvt Ltd - Ludhiana
  • Brijwasi Mithaiwala - Mathura
  • Britannia Industries Ltd - Delhi
  • Campus Polyplast Pvt Ltd - Indore
  • Crop Life Science Ltd - Ankleshwar
  • Daxesh Petrochem Pvt Ltd - Ankleshwar
  • Eureka Forbes
  • Excel Micron(poona) Pvt Ltd - Pune
  • Ferguson Chemicals - Ankleshwar
  • Glindia Chemicals - Ankleshwar
  • Haldiram's - Nagpura
  • Heatreaters & Engineers - Mumbai
  • Himson Engineering Pvt Ltd - Surat
  • HMA Agro Industries Ltd - Agra
  • ITC Ltd - Pune
  • Jay Yogeshwar Chemical Ind - Ankleshwar
  • KFC Restaurant - Noida
  • Mahendra Dyes And Chemicals - Ankleshwar
  • Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd - Mumbai
  • Mehul Dye Chem Industries - Ankleshwar
  • Nando's - South Africa
  • Pizza Hut
  • Roshan Frozen & Cold Storage - Delhi
  • Sabharwal Food Industries Pvt Ltd - Haryana
  • Semco Electric PVt.Ltd - Pune
  • Shreeji Coating - Rajkot(Metoda)
  • Shyam Ceramic - Morbi
  • Southern Bakeries Pvt Ltd - Banglore
  • Spicer India Limited - Pune
  • The Hindu Newspaper
  • The Tinplate Company Of India Ltd - Jamshedpur

About the Technology

Every fuel has large hydrocarbon chain molecules that are needed to be broken into smaller fragments and ions to burn it entirely. The patented fuel Conservators of our company has a different process of fuel molecules with the use of strong variable magnetic flux field imposed at a particular portion of a flow path traveled by fuel molecules towards the place of combustion. The angle, orientation as well as strength of flux field are adjusted to the molecular structure of the hydrocarbon fuel. In particular, this technology uses a definite apparatus that imposes a magnetic flux on fuel molecules before combustion in order to offer the fuel molecules more readily combustible.

Observations after Installation of Product

Product benefits

  • The yielded flame becomes brighter and change from reddish to bluish white Orange. In high Temperature more uniform flame is observed.
  • The length of the flame becomes more uniform in vertical length across the burner. The flame length is decreased vertically and extended laterally with high combustion.
  • Less amount of radiant heat on the sides of the burner. Concentrated heat in the vertical direction.
  • The decrease in the ambient temperature of the surroundings due to reduction in Carbon Monoxide Emissions
  • You can saves up to 31% of LPG / CNG / Diesel / Petrol & Natural Gas -Develop thermal efficiency of the fuel. In this ways, more heat is increased in less fuel. This helps to save money as well.
  • Saves Energy & Fuel “ The burner/Furnace is used for less time on same pressure knob position if the work finishes fast.
  • Saves Money - Fuel is the major expenditure in our daily life. So, saving fule as well as money is really important.
Main Features

  • 2 year warranty
  • Approx. 5% reduction in un-burnt hydrocarbons & Harmful carbon monoxide emissions.
  • Can be fitted with any of existing Furnaces, Burners, Electricity Generators, Boilers, Machines and Au-mobiles.
  • Environment friendly product with least payback period.
  • European standard “CE” safety compliant product which is manufactured by an ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company.
  • Heat & Water resistant.
  • Maintenance free device with quick & Easy installation procedure.
  • N SIC Certified & Patented product from Government of India.
  • No external electrical or chemical power source required.
  • Non exhaustive, Non corrosive.
  • Palestinian Government Certified for safety Compliance.
  • SS/IS319 Engineering Grade, Extra powerful permanent magnetic circuitry.
  • Taiwan Gas Lab. and ITALAB (ONGC Lab.) Certified the products for its fuel saving.

Domestic Gas Saver
Domestic Gas Saver